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+ Dedicated Desk
+ High-speed Internet
+ Free Refreshments
+ Pantry and Fridge
+ Cleaning Service
+ 3 hours Meeting Room

Rp 1.000.000,- per month

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+ Dedicated Desk
+ High-speed Internet
+ Free Refreshments
+ Pantry and Fridge
+ Cleaning Service
+ 5 hours Meeting Room
+ Mail Handling
+ Business Address

Rp 1.500.000,- per month

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Meeting Room

+ Access to Meeting Room
+ Online Booking
+ Flat-screen TV
+ All-type Connectors
+ Clicker
+ Up to 10 people

Monthly Package
Rp 600.000,- (5 hours)
Rp 1.000.000,- (10 hours)

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Event Space
Meeting Room
Payroll Management
Company Registration

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About Essentia

It is our commitment to always provide what is essential for your business.

Depending on the stage of your business, you may have different space requirements. A desk and a meeting room to be used occasionally may be enough for you who just start a new business. But, for you in later stages, a bigger private office and a representative meeting room is crucial to build credibility.

Conventional office spaces are usually not flexible enough to give you what you need. They are either too big, too expensive, too small, or too far away. Finding the right size office is already a hassle, managing it is a different story. These are the problems that Essentia is trying to solve.

In Essentia, we want you to focus on what you do best - your business. We will give you the right amount of office space that you need and manage it. You can scale it up - or down - as necessary. We know that you will be too busy doing your business and cannot be bothered by broken lights, coffee spills, or paying utility bills. Don't worry. We will take care of them.

Be part of our community and let's grow together as everyone is striving to achieve success. Participate in workshops and pitching sessions to get inputs about your business.

  • If you are digital nomads, independent consultants, or medium-size business owners, we have some options suitable just for you.

  • Your success depends on what kind of people around you. Same as you, we are like-minded and motivated people who are trying to make our dream come true. Join us and let's work together.

  • Just focus on your business, we take care of the rest. Enjoy included front-desk service, utilities, refreshments, and more.

  • Never stop learning. We have a program that can accelerate your business. Take advantage of every events that we organize for your own benefit.

Community Leaders

These are people who support our community.

Hizkia Febianto

Master in business analytics. Past senior analyst at a venture fund in New York. Invested in healthcare and digital industry.


A passionate entrepreneur in digital industry. Founder of PT. Indohome Media Group.
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